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About the Artist


The places we stay in, grow up in, pray in and find solace in play an important part in the process of defining out identity.

Anita discovered art in her childhood and grew to discover her identity - as an artist and an individual - through painting. Over the past 15 years, she has created a vast portfolio of work exploring the themes of solitude, rhythm and faith amongst many others, through a variety of subjects - primarily in watercolour and acrylic. She specialises in sky scapes, and has exhibited her work at various offline and online galleries, including the Nehru Centre Gallery, Worli and the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Chitra Santhe.

Apart from creating artwork, she conducts innovative corporate art workshops to facilitate a hands-on experience of teamwork, leadership and ownership driven behaviour among corporate leaders and teams. Her programs have been a resounding success, helping participants unleash their true creative potential, encouraging them to think out of the box and overcome their apprehensions while navigating the process of working cohesively.

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